Over 15 years of medical device and diagnostics experience including transactional, sales and marketing, business development, licensing and new product introductions on an international level at leading molecular diagnostics companies.  Previously sales roles at Abbott and Bayer Healthcare, and held senior commercial operations leadership positions at Ipsogen, Qiagen, and Cancer Genetics Inc.

Ms. Creed joined Mitomics in 2001 as a senior research specialist, where her expertise in research has been leveraged to discover new biomarkers and has enabled the company to create and optimize a number of molecular diagnostic tests. Ms. Creed is a leader in identifying non-invasive approaches to previously invasive molecular tests. Prior to joining the company, she spent three years as a DNA analyst at Lakehead University's Paleo-DNA Laboratory, working with extensively degraded nucleic acids.

Ms. Creed holds a B.Sc. (Hons) from Lakehead University, where she specialized in biological anthropology.

Dr. Harbottle joined the Mitomics team in 2005.  His extensive and versatile laboratory experience has proved invaluable in supporting Mitomics research and product development efforts.  He obtained his PhD from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne in the Departments of Pharmacology and Surgery, where he specialized in the field of cancer research and completed studies directed toward the protection of genes against DNA damage as well as tumor cell resistance to drugs.  Prior to joining Mitomics, Dr. Harbottle worked in Dermatological Sciences at the University of Newcastel Upon Tyne, examing the role of mitochondrial DNA deletions in skin cancer and UV damage.

PhD, Cell/Molecular Biology, MSc Toxicology and Experimental Pathology, BSc Biomedical Sciences

Prior to joining MDNA, Mr. Poulter was the President and CEO of Mitomics Inc.  Mr. Poulter joined Mitomics in 2007 to oversee the company's transition from a research and development focused company to a diverse, commercial enterprise offering a pipeline of early cancer detection products. He was instrumental in the launch of several products. Mr. Poulter has also led all efforts internationally and successfully negotiated distribution and licensing agreements in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and the UK. Mr. Poulter received an Honours Bachelor of Commerce degree in marketing and finance from Lakehead University, along with the Gold Medal for academic excellence and the President’s Award for his commitment to the university community.