The Prostate Core Mitomic Test™
Providing a New Level of Clinical Insight

The Prostate Core Mitomic Test is a highly advanced, proprietary test based on the science of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). Using existing prostate biopsy tissue, the Prostate Core Mitomic Test can determine the presence of malignant cells via a cancerization field effect by detecting underlying molecular alterations in normal appearing tissue. This is all performed quickly and easily with a simple lab test.

How the Prostate Core Mitomic Test is Different 

The Prostate Core Mitomic Test utilizes Mitomic Technology™, which is based on the science of mtDNA. The unique structural and functional characteristics of mtDNA make it a highly attractive system for biomarker discovery and disease detection. In terms of cancer, large-scale deletions in mtDNA can indicate cellular changes that associated with the development of the disease. 

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The Advantages of the Prostate Core Mitomic Test

  • Able to accurately classify a “true” negative, with a high negative predictive value of 92 percent1
  • Utilizes cancerization field effect to identify molecular changes and enable detection of missed tumors, at a sensitivity of 85 percent1
  • Detects elevated deletion levels in normal-appearing cells that coexist with a tumor
  • Uses existing biopsy tissue
  • Reduces cost by leveraging a simple, cost-effective, high throughput laboratory process
  • Simplifies testing

The Prostate Core Mitomic Test is an effective and efficient aid for negative biopsy uncertainty.

Implementing the Prostate Core Mitomic Test

Consider the Prostate Core Mitomic Test for patients you suspect for prostate cancer, but who have a negative initial biopsy outcome including those that present with:

  • Elevated PSA
  • Rising PSA
  • Irregular DRE
  • Atypical small acinar proliferation (ASAP)
  • High-grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia (HGPIN)
  • Uncertain diagnosis of prostate cancer on biopsy including benign mimickers of prostate cancer

With the Prostate Core Mitomic Test’s cancerization field effect, now you can know.


  1. Accurate prediction of repeat prostate biopsy outcomes by a mitochondrial DNA deletion assay. Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases 2010 Jan 19;

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