Prostate Core Mitomic Test™
Now You Can Know.

You may have had a prostate biopsy taken if your doctor found suspicious or irregular results on your PSA and/or rectal exam. But what happens if you find out your results were "inconclusive"? Until recently, that meant undergoing a second biopsy to get a more definitive diagnosis. With the highly sensitive Prostate Core Mitomic Test, you can know more by getting far more accurate, reliable results from previously obtained biopsy tissue.  

How the Prostate Core Mitomic Test is Different 

The Prostate Core Mitomic Test is a highly advanced, proprietary test based on the science of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). Using existing prostate biopsy tissue, the Prostate Core Mitomic Test can determine the presence of malignant cells via a cancerization field effect by detecting underlying molecular alterations in normal appearing tissue. This is all performed quickly and easily with a simple lab test.

Getting Results

Once your doctor orders the test, it will be sent to a special lab for processing. Your doctor will then contact you to discuss the results. If you have additional questions about the Prostate Core Mitomic Test, your biopsy results or prostate cancer, talk to your doctor.

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The Prostate Core Mitomic Test has not been reviewed by the FDA.