About Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is one of the greatest health threats confronting middle-aged men today. Globally, the World Health Organization reports that cancer of the prostate is the second most common cancer diagnosed in men, the second leading cause of cancer deaths in men, and the sixth highest cause of cancer mortality overall. In fact, the National Cancer Institute reports that men actually have a greater lifetime risk of being diagnosed with prostate cancer (1 in 6) than women have for developing breast cancer (1 in 8).

According to American Cancer Society estimates, about 233,000 new cases of prostate cancer will be diagnosed and over 29,000 men will die of prostate cancer in 2014.

Prostate cancers are more frequently diagnosed at earlier stages than other cancers and 5-year survival probability is high. However, it is imperative that the cancer is detected early, as relative survival probabilities are 100% for local and regional prostate cancers, which represented 93% of prostate cancer cases diagnosed between 2001 and 2007.

However, a prostate cancer biopsy is an inexact science, with false negative rates approaching 30%. The biopsy often only samples a small fraction of the prostate gland, potentially missing the tumor, even in second biopsies. With Mitomics’ highly sensitive Prostate Core Mitomic Test, you can know more by getting far more accurate, reliable results from previously obtained biopsy tissue. The simple lab test can quickly determine the presence of malignant cells via a cancerization field effect by detecting underlying molecular alterations in normal appearing tissue.

Patient Resources

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