The answer to earlier, more accurate disease testing is here

Who is at risk and who isn’t? With difficult to diagnose diseases like cancer, the unknown can sometimes be worse than knowing.

That’s why at MDNA Life Sciences we’re using our pioneering, patented Mitomic™ Technology to unlock the power of mitochondrial DNA and take the doubt out of diagnosis and decision-making. Putting a stop to unnecessary surgical pain, uncertainty and even death for millions of patients around the world.

MDNA Life Sciences. Beyond Doubt.

See how we’re going beyond doubt

Through Mitomic™ Technology, we’re giving more people the reassurance of knowing yes or no, rather than maybe.

Most diseases have their own unique biomarkers

Inside the cells in our body are lots of tiny energy-producing mitochondria. Every mitochondria contains multiple copies of its own DNA. This mitochondrial DNA becomes mutated when the cells are stressed by diseases like cancer. Leaving a unique biomarker in the blood that we can detect and identify, even in the early stages of a condition. Helping to save lives by catching diseases like cancer fast enough for effective treatment.

Mitomic™ Tests.
Unrivalled accuracy in a simple blood test.

We’ve developed a range of blood-based tests to accurately identify disease, before symptoms have even appeared. Our Mitomic™ test for prostate cancer, for example, has an unsurpassed 100% Negative Predictive Value for clinically significant cancer, making it the most accurate available today.

Our tests give doctors and patients the reassurance of a yes or no answer, helping to aid decisions and avoid unnecessary invasive surgery.

Pioneering mitochondrial testing since 2001.

Since our breakthrough in mitochondrial genomics over 15 years ago, MDNA Life Sciences has been leading the way finding more accurate, non-invasive tests for conditions and diseases that are difficult to diagnose.