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Mitomic™ Technology is a platform that works, with the potential to improve diagnostics across the globe. To date, we have invested more than $50 million in research and development to create our growing portfolio of tests.

We have two products on the market now for prostate cancer detection. The Mitomic™ Prostate Core Test, which is a post-biopsy test, and the Mitomic™ Prostate Test which is a ‘liquid biopsy’ blood-based test. The tests have market-leading performance and their ability to help detect early stage cancer will save millions of men around the world from pain, unnecessary surgery, uncertainty and even premature death. It will help clinicians make better informed decisions along the treatment pathway. And save billions in health costs. A conservative estimate for the value of this addressable market is $2.4 billion in the United States alone.

But this is just the start. We also have a unique test for endometriosis. It answers a deep clinical need for a non-invasive test to detect the disease in women of child-bearing age. The medical world – and patients – have been waiting for a test like this for many years. The value of this market is estimated at $4.5b in the United States alone.

And in addition to this, we are identifying biomarkers for ovarian, lung, liver, pancreatic, and stomach cancers. Our rapid, proprietary product development process means that tests for each of these conditions can be brought to market very cost-effectively.

Our current product pipeline is focused on oncology, but Mitomic™ Technology can be applied to other disease categories that exhibit unique mutations in mitochondrial DNA. Preliminary findings by our scientists have pinpointed possible applications for a wide range of diseases. The potential applications for our technology are extensive.

As a private company, still in the commercial ‘early stage’ category, but with proven science, we are interested to hear proposals from potential investors who can help fund and accelerate the product development pipeline, and potentially the longer term R&D program.

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