Mitomic™ Testing.
A revolution in disease detection and prognosis.

MDNA Life Sciences is using our proprietary Mitomic™ Technology to develop a growing range of novel tests, offering high accuracy and, wherever possible, non-invasive techniques. Our current portfolio includes:

Mitomic™ Prostate Test

If prostate cancer is found early – before it has spread outside of the prostate – survival rate is nearly 100%
— American Cancer Society

The Mitomic™ Prostate Test from MDNA is the most accurate way of determining if a patient is at risk of having clinically significant prostate cancer, outperforming every other test on the market with just a simple blood test. Its 100% negative predictive value for clinically significant cancer enables more accurate and informed biopsy decisions.

  • A simple blood test with unrivalled accuracy
  • 100% negative predictive value
  • Independent of PSA, age and family history
  • No algorithm, just a simple yes or no

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Mitomic™ Endometriosis Test

176 million women worldwide suffer from endometriosis, a disease that is notoriously difficult to diagnose

The Mitomic™ Endometriosis Test is a blood-based screening test to detect endometriosis in symptomatic patients and women of reproductive age, including susceptible adolescent women. It is the first ever non-invasive test for this disease category, providing physicians with a highly accurate tool to triage patients early in the diagnostic process or prior to consideration for laparoscopic surgery.

  • The first ever blood-based test, with unrivalled accuracy
  • It accurately discriminates between women with endometriosis and those without (p<0.001)

Mitomic™ Prostate Core Test

Almost every prostate cancer patient will survive for 5 years or more if it is diagnosed at stage 1 or 2
— Cancer Research UK

The Mitomic Prostate Core Test is a highly accurate, proprietary test that uses existing prostate biopsy tissue to determine the presence of malignant cells. A prostate cancer biopsy samples just a small fraction of the prostate gland, potentially missing the tumor and contributing to a high false negative rate – even in second biopsies. By detecting underlying molecular alterations in normal appearing tissue the Mitomic Prostate Core Test can provide a more accurate reliable result, quickly and easily with a simple lab test.

  • Can be used for all negative biopsy patients
  • 92% negative predictive value with high sensitivity
  • Provides peace of mind for patients
  • Reduces costly repeated biopsies

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More Mitomic™ Tests coming soon

At MDNA Life Sciences we’re constantly working on bringing new, highly accurate tests to market for hard to diagnose diseases. Mitomic™ Tests are currently in development for the early detection of Ovarian, Lung, Cervical, Uterine and Breast cancers.