MDNA Life Sciences and Shuwen Biotech Ink Partnership to Bring the Mitomic® Prostate Test to the Chinese Market

MDNA has appointed Shuwen Biotech Co. Ltd., a leader in developing and offering innovative diagnostic and personalized medicine products in China, as the exclusive license partner for the Mitomic® Prostate Test (MPT™) in China. On the heels of recent news that MDNA’s CE marked MPT™ Real-Time PCR kit is being made available through another 9 business partners covering 25 countries, this agreement is a key part of the global roll-out of MPT™ through a growing network of license partners and distributors.

New blood test to accurately detect the presence of clinically significant prostate cancer now available

Today, MDNA Life Sciences announces that its breakthrough Mitomic® Prostate Test (MPTTM) – the world’s most accurate blood test to determine whether a man does or does not have prostate cancer that requires treatment (clinically significant prostate cancer) – is now available for clinical use with the launch of the test in the UK by MDNA’s partner, Aspire Pharma Ltd.

World’s first blood test for Endometriosis can detect up to 9 out of 10 cases

Today, MDNA Life Sciences announces that it is to launch the world’s first blood test for endometriosis, able to detect the disease in up to 9 out of 10 cases. Results will be available in a matter of days after the test is carried out, enabling doctors to make earlier decisions on diagnosis and treatment.

MDNA Life Sciences’ Study Reports That Mitochondrial DNA Deletions Accurately Detect Endometriosis in Circulating Blood

MDNA Life Sciences Inc. (MDNA) announced today that the results of a recent study have been published in the journal, Biomarkers in Medicine (Biomarkers In Medicine). The study reports the evaluation of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) deletions detected in blood plasma as promising biomarkers for the detection of endometriosis. Based on the performance reported in the publication, biomarkers of the mitochondrial genome, discovered through MDNAs proprietary Mitomic Technology™ platform, offer ground-breaking potential for a non-invasive test for endometriosis.