We’ve unlocked the diagnostic power of mitochondrial DNA

At MDNA Life Sciences our scientific teams have pioneered research into mitochondrial biology and genomics, using groundbreaking discoveries to develop a range of innovative molecular tests to help detect hard to diagnose diseases.

Inside the cells in our body are lots of tiny mitochondria. These organelles produce energy for the cell, but the unique properties of their DNA mean they can also do so much more.

Every mitochondria contains multiple copies of its own circular DNA. Far simpler than the nuclear genome, this mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) becomes mutated when the cells are put under stress by diseases such as cancer. And because there are so many copies of the DNA within the mitochondria, it doesn’t need to repair the mutated copies, leaving behind a unique, disease-specific biomarker like a real-time indicator of disease status.

These unique properties and the pioneering insights that led to their discovery have enabled us to develop a range of highly accurate molecular tests. Our proprietary Mitomic™ Technology can identify and detect these biomarkers in a simple, non-invasive blood test. Dramatically improving the detection of diseases like clinically significant prostate cancer, aiding biopsy decisions and removing the need for unnecessary surgery.

The benefits of tests based on Mitomic™ Technology include:

  • Non-invasive detection and monitoring of solid tumors
  • Reliable detection of disease with high sensitivity and specificity
  • Detection of disease in adjacent, normal tissue or tumor margins through a ‘field effect’
  • Rapid, cost-effective screening, diagnosis and monitoring

What’s more, this mutated DNA can accumulate from the very early stages of a disease like cancer, giving an unprecedented opportunity to accurately detect conditions even before the symptoms present themselves clinically. Potentially improving and saving millions of lives every year by catching diseases early enough for treatment to be most effective.

Our scientific research and breakthroughs are well documented in some of the most respected publications and journals. To read further articles and abstracts surrounding our groundbreaking work in mitochondrial genomics, Mitomic™ Technology and disease detection, visit our Resources page.

Mitomic™ Tests

Using our Mitomic™ Technology, MDNA Life Sciences has developed an advanced portfolio of solutions for disease detection and prognosis. We currently have, or are developing, Mitomic™ Tests for the early detection of Prostate, Ovarian, Lung and Cervical cancers and Endometriosis.

All of these revolutionary tests offer high sensitivity and specificity. To see our current portfolio, visit our Mitomic™ Tests page.