ARUP to offer Decode’s prostate cancer risk test, but Mitomics catching up

ARUP Labs plans to begin offering Decode’s prostate cancer-risk test to clients nationwide in the fall, the companies said.

ARUP customers will submit it samples, Decode will run them in its CLIA lab, and ARUP will provide the results, the companies said.

The LDT, which is meant to complement standard clinical risk screening, including PSA, measures 25 common SNPs associated with prostate cancer risk. The companies stress that the risk conferred by these SNPs “is independent of family history, and does not correlate with benign prostatic hyperplasia.”

Clinically, the test (ARUP test code 2003326) can identify approximately 15 percent of men in the general population who are at twice the average risk of developing the disease, and 5 percent of those who are triple the average risk.

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