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MDNA Life Sciences’ Study Reports That Mitochondrial DNA Deletions Accurately Detect Endometriosis in Circulating Blood

MDNA Life Sciences Inc. (MDNA) announced today that the results of a recent study have been published in the journal, Biomarkers in Medicine (Biomarkers In Medicine). The study reports the evaluation of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) deletions detected in blood plasma as promising biomarkers for the detection of endometriosis. Based on the performance reported in the publication, biomarkers of the mitochondrial genome, discovered through MDNAs proprietary Mitomic Technology™ platform, offer ground-breaking potential for a non-invasive test for endometriosis.

Endometriosis presents a significant health burden that affects up to 10% of women of reproductive age. Diagnosis of this debilitating condition relies on an invasive surgical procedure and is often complicated by symptoms that overlap with other gynecological problems. As a result, definitive diagnosis is typically delayed and highly impacts the quality of life for those affected. There is a clear need for reliable, non-invasive tests that can facilitate early detection of endometriosis. The use of a minimally invasive specimen such as blood in assays based on the novel markers described in this publication could revolutionize the diagnostic pathway for endometriosis by reducing the diagnostic delay and providing actionable test results.

This study highlights two novel large-scale mtDNA deletions, 1.2 kb and 3.7 kb in size, measured in the plasma of women with symptoms of endometriosis with and without surgically confirmed disease. These deletions were reliably extracted from the plasma and proved to accurately detect all subtypes and stages of endometriosis with area under the curve (AUC) measures as high as 90%. The results of the study demonstrate that assays based on either of these deletions have the potential to compliment the current standard of care and offer a low-cost, simple blood test option to accurately assess females of child-bearing age presenting with symptoms of endometriosis in either a primary or secondary care setting.

“Reporting the results of this study represents a significant milestone in the development of MDNA’s Mitomic Endometriosis Test (MET) as well as further validation of our proprietary Mitomic Technology™ Platform, which uniquely mines the mitochondrial rather than the nuclear genome for clinically relevant and actionable biomarkers of disease. With these exciting study results and outcomes of an ongoing multi-center clinical study expected later this year we are poised to begin leveraging our global commercialization capabilities for the CE-IVD kit development, manufacturing, and distribution of MET, a first-in-class blood test for endometriosis,” said Chris Mitton, CEO of MDNA Life Sciences.

About MDNA Life Sciences Inc.

MDNA Life Sciences, Inc. is leading the development of molecular tests using its proprietary Mitomic Technology™ platform that exploits the unique biological characteristics of mitochondrial DNA. This innovative platform is a highly attractive and effective system for biomarker discovery, early disease detection, monitoring, risk assessment and therapeutic targeting. It has led to the discovery of numerous novel and proprietary biomarkers for a multitude of cancers and other diseases. The Company is applying its expertise in mitochondrial genomics to develop an extensive and proprietary portfolio of blood-based molecular tests for conditions that are currently dependent on poor or absent screening tests or invasive procedures for detection.

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